Frequently Asked Questions When Booking a Room

Booking a room with StudentFM is easier than ever! Select the city you study in, and then choose from the wide range of rooms designed for your comfort. To choose your room follow the link below!

Yes! You can book an in person viewing or a virtual viewing. We can also provide you with videos of the room type you would like to book.

Yes! In our shared flats you can live with your friends. In our studio buildings, we will do our best to locate you next to your friends! Group bookings also receive discount. Contact us for more details!

StudentFM allows dual occupancy, so you can share your studio or ensuite room with your partner. Contact us for dual occupancy rates! For some locations there is no extra charge!

Please call us on 0333 444 1122 or email regarding your request. Please note cancellation are subject to our cancellation policy.

Any full-time student can live with StudentFM; your University or College can let you know if you are classed as a full time student. 

In some cities we allow working professionals, contact us to find out if your are eligible.

Our standard tenancies have fixed dates and cannot be changed. However, if you are looking to move in earlier or move out later it may be possible to book an additional short stay tenancy. Our website shows when each property may be available, so have a look and get in touch if you would like to book.