Frequently Asked Questions About Booking Terms

To accept your tenancy agreement, both you and your guarantor need to sign the tenancy agreement online. In addition you both need to provide 2 forms of ID.

We understand damages can happen, please report all damages and maintenance through the StudentFM App. If the damage is due to misuse of the room, outlined in your tenancy agreement, you may be liable to pay for the repairs.

  1. If you have not collected your keys for the accommodation, you may cancel your booking by emailing us on within 7 days of you receiving your booking confirmation (7 day cooling off period). If you cancel within these 7 days, a full refund of deposit and any advance rent payments you have made.
  2. Upon expiry of the 7 day cooling off period, you will have to pay all amounts due on your Tenancy Agreement unless a replacement Tenant is found. If a replacement Tenant is found, we will release you from your tenancy agreement after 7 days of the new tenant signing their contract. If the replacement is found after the start date of your tenancy agreement, we will release you from the start date of the replacement Tenant’s new Tenancy Agreement. Any liability until that moment will remain with you.
  3. ‘First Year Guarantee’ – applicable to 1st year students only. Some of the accommodation managed by StudentFM allows first year students to cancel their tenancy agreement free of charge if their examination results change their plans: for example, a prospective tenant who fails to achieve the grades needed to take their place at their chosen university, or who surpasses their predicted grades and chooses to take a place at another university. If your chosen accommodation offers this guarantee, before you are released from your contract, you will be required to provide: A. rejection letter from your original university of choice

    B. Where applicable, an acceptance letter from the new university

If a student transfers to a university in a city where StudentFM manages accommodation, StudentFM may (subject to availability) offer the student a tenancy at the new location on the same terms as the student’s original booking. If this offer is made and refused, the original contract will be cancelled, but StudentFM will charge a cancellation fee (not exceeding £100) and (if the tenancy has started) charge rent up to the date of cancellation.

All documentation must be received by us via email within 7 calendar days from the date your results are published.

4. ‘Visa Rejection’. Students that require a visa to study in the UK may cancel their booking if their visa application has been rejected. The student must provide evidence of their visa application rejection letter within 7 days of notification before the move in date and if applicable a full refund will be given. Evidence must be sent via email to Accommodation Office.

Revised April 2024

All our tenants will be required to provide a guarantor if they choose to pay in instalments rather than their full rent upfront. This is common practice for UK landlords and simply means that there is someone who agrees to pay the rent if the student is unable to do so.

A guarantor will be responsible for putting right any breaches of tenancy, including non-payment of rent if the tenant fails in their responsibilities.

The guarantor should be a parent, guardian, relative or family friend of the student. The guarantor should be in full-time employment, and/or in a stable financial position to cover relevant payments as required. We will not run a credit check as part of the process of assessing guarantors.

The guarantor will need to sign a Guarantor Agreement, which will be sent to them by email. The guarantor will need to provide two of the following documents as proof of ID*:

  • Valid passport
  • Valid driving license
  • Utility bill dated within last 3 months

We work with guarantor service provider YourGuarantor. They can act as a UK Rent Guarantor for students attending UK Universities. Visit their website for more information.