There’s a big difference between looking cheap and being cheap, when it comes to Chester student accommodation. Many rental offers exclude central costs like utility bills to make the price of rent look cheaper than it actually is.
So when you compare international student accommodation in Chester, you should be comparing the total cost and not just the price of rent in isolation.

Think about it this way; you might rent a “cheap” studio outside the Chester city centre. It is an older building, but you will only be sleeping and studying there, right? The rest of your time you will spend at campus or going out in the city centre.

In this situation, the old building will likely be poorly insulated, meaning your heating bill will cost you a lot more than it would in a modern or newly renovated property. The UK is cold much of the year, so you will need to that expensive heating to stay warm at night.
Another significant cost will be transport. UK bus fares are high compared to most other places around the world, so taking the bus to and from class twice a day quickly runs up. Now add going out for social activities or sports in your spare time and on weekends, at transport costs quickly run out of hand.

If you compare what you now have spend for an old apartment far away from everything at the outskirts of Chester, you might actually have saved money living in the city centre in a brand new and modern building instead.

So when you’re comparing for the cheapest Chester student accommodation, you need to include all monthly costs plus one-time bills and transport fees into you calculation. The simplest way to do that is to find an all-inclusive rental offer where everything is included in your rent. That way you don’t have to worry about any extra costs popping up, you simply pay the same bill every month.

Two great examples of brand new student accommodation in Chester offering all-inclusive rental contracts are Northgate Point and Northgate Studios. Both complexes are located less than a mile from the University of Chester, so you will not be relying on expensive fares and limited transport schedules to get to the city centre or campus. Everywhere you will want to go is just a short walk away!

Both addresses offers spacious, fully furnished studio apartments with ensuite bathrooms, double bed and your own kitchen with all modern mod cons as standard. You will get all utilities, WiFi, content insurance, and even a 40” TV with a TV Licence included in your rent. So when you compare the starting price of £135/week with other rental offers, make sure you account for all these living costs. You won’t find cheaper accommodation than this!

For more information about Northgate Point and Northgate Studios and the cheapest Chester student accommodation, visit:

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