Are you searching for Sheffield student accommodation in the UK, but don’t know where to start?
Yes, finding the right place at the right price can be a jungle. Especially since most new students don’t know what to look for or what they really need.

Luckily, we got you covered with this article. Continue reading to discover the common traps and mistakes you want to avoid, so you don’t end up overpaying on your student home.

Why do student living get expensive?
You have probably heard many current and former students complain that they spend way too much on their studio, room or apartment. It is not uncommon to get shocked at how much student accommodation costs. This happens because so many fail to calculate ALL the costs related to their living expenses. Follow the principles below, so you won’t be one of those students.

The monthly costs you need to count when comparing rental offers are utility costs, insurance premium, any transport fees, WiFi bills, and of course the price of rent itself. On top of that comes installation fees for e.g. internet equipment, activation fees for water, heating and electricity contracts, recalculation bills at the end of the year, and similar extra bills that surprise most students. When you compare rental offers, be aware that the cheapest offer when comparing rent, might be the most expensive overall when counting the total costs.

E.g., a rental room or apartment in an old building, will likely be “cheap”, but the poor insulation will likely cause your heating bill to skyrocket during the colder months. So paying a little extra to live in a new building is very often more than worth it.

How to make sure you get cheap Sheffield student accommodation
The simplest way to be sure you get a great offer on your accommodation is to get a price of rent that includes all or as many of your total living costs in one bill. Not many places offers such a deal, but a really great option is Aspect 3 on Edward Street. Here you get everything from content insurance to your WiFi connection included in your rent. All your utility bills will be covered, so you don’t need to worry about saving on water or turning up the heating.

But the all-inclusive model is not just a convenience, it is the way Aspect 3 offers you the best prices on your student living in Sheffield. All one time extra costs are cut because the facility management team takes care of the contracts. Instead of you having to sign contracts with each utility provider yourself, professionals are negotiating those on behalf of thousands of tenants across the UK. So when they pass those savings on to you, you are guaranteed that you couldn’t possibly get a better price elsewhere.

For more information about Aspect 3 and luxury accommodation for students in Sheffield, visit:

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