If you are coming to study at the University of Central Lancashire as a foreign student, there are a few things you need to know about International student accommodation in Preston.

Many student rental offers in major UK university cities might look cheap, but end up costing you a lot of money if you are not careful. This is primarily because many international students look at the price of rent, but forget to compare the other living costs like utility bills, transport costs, etc.

Living and studying in the UK, can get expensive if you do not count the high cost of public transport to and from campus or the city centre every day. being dependent on bus fares to get to class can quickly become a significant part of your weekly budget.
The same is true for Britain’s high utility costs. The heating bill during the cold UK winter surprises many international students.
StudentFM do student accommodation in UCLan Preston differently

At StudentFM we do not think it’s fair to hide the real price of living from foreign students on a tight budget, so we have included all the costs of living in one price of rent. We call it all-inclusive living, because it gives the same reassurances as living at an all-inclusive luxury hotel. You won’t need to worry about anything while staying in one of our student communities, and there will be no expensive surprises when you move out or at the end of the semester.

When looking for this kind of luxurious international UCLan student accommodation in Preston, you have two options:
Warehouse Apartments offers 234 smart and modern student apartments just 0.3 miles from the UCLan main campus. So not only do you get all costs covered by you rent, you also save money, time and worries by not being dependent on public transport to class and social events. You simply move in and enjoy your own private ensuite bathroom, high speed WiFi connection, and everything else you need to get comfortable. All apartments come fully furnished with comfortable bed, study space, all modern mod-cons, a 40” TV (incl. TV License) and everything else you need to feel at home.

Canterbury Hall takes UCLan student accommodation in Preston a step further and adds access to a beautiful roof-top garden, as well as an on-site gym and cinema free for all tenants to use. It will not be difficult to make new friends as an international student here, just take part in the many social activities going on right outside your door!

For more information about Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments and the cheapest student accommodation in Preston, visit:

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