Okay, we admit it — the best UCLan student accommodation might be subjective…
But we still think that there’s a pretty strong case to be made, that either Canterbury Hall or Warehouse Apartments offers the best accommodation for you in Preston. And here’s why:

It’s cheap
StudentFM have developed a new way of managing student accommodation in the UK. Instead of trying to bring down the costs of living by renting tiny studios at the outskirts of university cities, located in older buildings in dire need of a fix up… They have taken another approach; size. StudentFM manages studio complexes in major university cities across the UK. In total they houses thousands of students every year. That size allows them to centralise and greatly reduce their administration costs. They also leverage it to negotiate very beneficial utility and insurance contracts on behalf of their tenants. This efficiency, allows them to include all of your costs of living in one cheap monthly bill. You will receive no activation fees, installation costs, utility bills, recalculations, or any other surprise expenses. You simply pay you set monthly bill.

It’s easy
The ‘all-inclusive’ rental contract, is a great way to rent your first home away from home. The chance of unexpected costs sneaking up on you, breaking your student budget is 0%. You simply move into your fully furnished studio, connect to your preinstalled WiFi, turn on your 40” TV with already active TV License, and feel at home.

It’s right next to campus
Don’t worry about early morning commutes or expensive bus fares. Just walk! Both Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments is located short walk from campus. That’s both convenient (for those who value their morning sleep or late night events) and saves you a lot of money on transport over the course of the semester.

It’s social
Let’s face it. Making friends and having a good time is just as important as academics. As a tenant of either Canterbury Hall or Warehouse Apartments, you will have approximately 200 students as your next-door neighbours. The numerous communal areas just outside your door will be the ideal place to make friends and get to know your fellow UCLan students. The assigned student ambassadors will help you get integrated and feel at home from the moment you step in the door.

It’s safe
StudentFM’s UCLan student accommodation services include on-site security and content insurance coverage. So you can tell your parents that Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments are about the safest place to live in Preston. You won’t even risk getting lost in traffic, since you can follow your new neighbours to class without having to commute across town during rush hour.

For more information about Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments and the cheapest UCLan overseas student accommodation, visit:

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