StudentFM believes in providing luxurious accommodations at affordable prices because of its values and the team that built it. And we all happen to know that people, as well as organisations gel along with those that share the same vision, thought process and values as them. Knowing the strong value base that StudentFm has, they wanted to partner with a team as value-based and student benefit-oriented as them. That is the main reason why UniAcco and StudentFm are partners.

UniAcco believes that the student’s comfort and ease takes precedence over everything else. They care deeply about their students and want nothing but the best for them and that reflects in the choice of properties they onboard and the partners they team up with.

UniAcco and StudentFM have partnered with each other to provide luxurious student accommodation at affordable prices. Students are already under a lot of duress due to entering a uni, finding a place to live, living on their own for the first time probably, and so much more.

UniAcco is a cross border student accommodation platform that helps students find their perfect abode whether it be shared or private, en-suite or non-en-suite, or anything else. They do not charge for their services from the students. Students from across the World travel for their education to different cities and countries. They already have a lot on their plates. Adding selecting a room to live in, in a city you might have never seen before is daunting at the very least. That’s where UniAcco comes in, it helps organise the scattered PBSA market and makes it more accessible to the students and parents. They collaborate with property managers like StudentFM and enlist their properties on their website with all the information about the available accommodation. They have well-trained booking experts who help students navigate the wide range of properties listed on their website, as well as to answer any questions they may have regarding booking accommodation, cancelling it, moving in and general doubts about the accommodations.

StudentFM provides accommodation that is luxurious as well as affordable. They have accommodations in cities like Chester, Sheffield, Leicester, Nottingham, Preston, Manchester and Newcastle-under-Lyme. UniAcco provides accommodation all across the UK. Students may visit the UniAcco website and select either the city they wish to shift to or the university they wish to attend and take a look around all the properties in the city or in the vicinity of their university. There are several types of rooms available, like en-suite, non-en-suite, studios, 1 to 8-bed apartments, penthouse apartments, twodio, threedio, twin studios.

With the partnership between UniAcco and StudentFM, students all across the world will benefit a lot, they will get affordable yet luxurious accommodation.

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