I know what you think: “Cheap student accommodation in Chester… That must be a tiny little room with a share bathroom and in an old building with poor insulation…”

And that might have been true until a few years ago, but not anymore!

Today, you can rent spacious studio apartments in a brand new complex AND save money on your rent every month.

Old buildings are expensive to maintain and heat during the colder months. So they are not ideal for affordable accommodation. Most often when you see a rental offer in a place like that the price of heating is not included in the rent. So over the course of a semester the high heating (and other utility bills) will make the “cheap” option way more expensive than a modern alternative closer to the city centre.

Instead, you should be looking for brand new student accommodation in Chester. Because there are some great options just walking distance (less than a mile) from the University of Chester. Here you can save yourself the trouble of getting up early to commute via expensive public transport, and sleep longer before walking to class.

The cheapest student accommodation in Chester
We are talking about renting on of the almost 300 brand new studio apartments at Northgate Point or Northgate Studios. These two student communities offers anything you could possibly need from your student accommodation — or a 5-star hotel for that matter. Your simple contract will include everything in your rent, so you only pay one bill every month without worrying about extra bills. That offers you peace of mind to focus on your studies and having a good time, while guaranteeing you a much better price than if you were to sign contracts for utilities, internet, insurance, and TV Licence on your own.

By renting a studio apartment at one of these two locations (situated right across the street form each other), you get your own en-suite bathroom, a fully furnished apartment with kitchen, study place, plenty of storage space and a comfortable double bed. Your 40” TV will already have a Licence, just as the high-speed WiFi will be accessible the second you step in the door to your new student home. The student ambassadors will help get comfortable and integrated into the vibrant student community right away. As a tenant here, you will quickly be making new friends!

To learn more about Northgate Point, Northgate Studios and the best student accommodation in Chester, visit: https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-chester/

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