Cheap rent and low cost accommodation are NOT the same thing.

It doesn’t matter how cheap your rent is if you have to rely on expensive bus connections to get to campus, or have expensive utility bills pile up over the course of the semester.

At Aspect 3, we offer you all-inclusive Sheffield University accommodation, so you don’t have to worry about extra bills, installation/activation fees, insurance payments, transport fares, utility recalculation bills, or any of the “hidden” costs that make student accommodation in Sheffield blow your budget.

How do we keep the prices the lowest in Sheffield?
It’s simple. Aspect 3 is managed by the facility management company, StudentFM. Because they manage properties across the major UK university cities, housing thousands of students, they can negotiate great deals on utilities and other essential services.

All StudentFM’s properties, including Aspect 3, are either newly build or has been totally renovated within the lat few years. As result they are highly energy efficient, well insulated and requires less maintenance. By passing those savings on to you as a tenant at Aspect 3, you get much higher quality accommodation than usually offered in this price range.

On top of that, this model saves tenants all activation and installation costs, since StudentFM is managing all those contracts.
In short, all you have to worry about is one price of rent and NO hidden surprises. You can enjoy your student time without worrying about sudden extra expenses popping up.

What do you get with an apartment at Aspect 3?
This isn’t your typical tiny student rentals. Aspect 3 offers spacious 16-29m2 studio apartments with a comfortable study space, 3/4 bed, your own en-suite bathroom, come fully furnished incl. fully equipped kitchen with all modern appliances, 40” TV (incl. licence), and plenty of storage space. You also get access to the communal laundry for easy laundering of your clothes.

But we think student accommodation Sheffield is about more than just low prices and luxurious, modern apartments. It’s primarily about having a great time. Aspect 3 offers a vibrant youth community housing 417 students, so you will have rich opportunity to make new friends and participate in fun activities without even having to leave the building.

To learn more about Aspect 3 and Luxury Sheffield University student accommodation, visit: https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-sheffield/

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