What is purpose-built student accommodation?

Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is housing explicitly constructed by private developers for students like you to live in, usually taking the form of grouping flats (many rooms with shared kitchen and living areas), or private studios, both with attached leisure facilities and these days’ cool’ perks like cinemas, gyms, and games rooms.


PBSA has a lot to give to students in helping and supporting them with their studies and improving their life in general while at university. If you feel overwhelmed by the numerous options available, here are all the benefits you’ll have if you choose to live in a PBSA:


  1. Great Study Setting

Purpose-built student accommodation options furnish a unique study atmosphere that won’t be found in regular private lets. From modern study areas equipped with study desks to reliable Wi-Fi or broadband, every PBSA offers everything a student needs and more. Student housing warrants that you find the essential peace to focus on studying and the motivation to excel in research and homework. 


  1. Stay Safe & Secure

One of the delightful advantages of living in student accommodation is its security. Most establishments come with CCTV, on-site security, management teams, and critical fob entry systems to make sure that all the students are safe and sound at all times. According to studies, parents tend to trust these PBSAs with a high-security level instead of living in a private let; that is why in a PBSA, you can sleep soundly knowing that you and your belongings are safe.


  1. Get Your Student Essentials

Most student accommodation comes with all-inclusive bills. This means you don’t have to be concerned about paying extra electricity, water, gas, and internet fees. Your student space will also have all the essentials, including a wardrobe, study area, storage area, and you can have your own bathroom with a shower and your own kitchen. 


  1. Pick & Decorate Your Room

Renting in a PBSA means you’ll have a wide range of rooms to choose from. You can either have your own private room in a flat and share a bathroom, kitchen, and living room with other students, have your en-suite bathroom, or you can not share at all and stay in a 1-bedroom flat or a self-contained studio. 


  1. Always A Few Walk Away

Almost all PBSAs are within easy walking distance from major universities. Similarly, many are close to cafes, restaurants, bars, event places and shops. In addition, easy access to the transport system is also assessed, so students can walk and wander about the city and get to and from their universities with comfort.


  1. Explore Your Social Life

Purpose-built student accommodation has various shared social areas such as communal games rooms,  rooftop terraces, cinema rooms, lounges, and shared kitchens. This way, you can meet students your age with similar interests and easily make new companions.


  1. Student Friendly Budget

When you decide to live in on-campus accommodation, there will be more costs you’ll need to pay besides rent. For example, if you’re leasing a private flat or room, you’ll have to pay rent plus utilities as well as meals and other necessities. That’s why living in a PBSA is the most affordable option with all-inclusive bills and a shared kitchen where you can prepare foods.


  1. Create & Build Your Community

One of the great things about living in student accommodation is that students from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences will encircle you. Furthermore, you will share your study abroad experience, which you can use to bond over. This gives students a feeling of belonging and community while away from family and friends.


  1. Book Your Room Easy

All a student has to do to book a room in a PBSA is browse through our website, shortlist their top prospects, and then book a suitable student room.


Congratulations! You have already learned all the perks of living in purpose-built student accommodation. As you research other student accommodation options, please make sure you consider all these factors to do a comprehensive comparison and make an informed decision. Want to experience 5-star student accommodation? Get it here in Student FM! Contact us today!


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