You have probably heard older family members tell how they used to live at the out skirts of town to save rents during their study years… But if you compare transport costs and bus fares from now till then, things have changed a bit.
In most university cities in the UK, living far from campus gets so expensive in commuting costs that the “cheap” student accommodation you think you get, ends up being above your student budget.

So why do students in Preston search for registered UCLan student accommodation? — Because students like above all to save money (or at least spend their money or more fun things than bus tickets).

There are of course other reasons as well. Such as not having to get up really early in the morning because of the long commute to early classes. And not having to worry about missing the last bus home on a well-deserved night out on the weekend.
The social aspect of being close to friends and study mates is a big factor too. It’s never fun to the one who has to go home in the middle of all the fun, or have to count whether you can afford taking transport to after class activities.

Where is the best place to live close to UCLAN

If you want to live within a few minutes walk (less than half a mile) from the UCLan main campus, and close to the city centre, you have a couple of great options. The first is Warehouse Apartments on Victoria street, where you have 0.3 miles to campus and live close to the events, entertainment and sporting activities offered by the city centre. The 234 student residents are spacious and modern, so you have plenty of comfort and privacy for studying. But when you finished preparing for class, step out to the many common areas to have a great time with over 200 other students. This is a great way to socialise and make new friends as a new student — or maybe a foreign exchange student.

Want an even more spacious studio? Or access to on-site gym, cinema and a beautiful rooftop garden? Then Canterbury Hall on Garstang Road is the perfect place for you. Less then 5 minutes from UCLan and 10 from the centre, you simply cannot find a better location than this.

How should you convince your parents that you need to live close to campus?

If your parents are not convinced by the great social offers and luxurious surroundings of Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments, remind them that this is also safest place for students to live in Preston. You will not have to commute through rush hour traffic or walk through dodgy neighbourhoods at night. Many of the social activities will take place in your home building or very closely at campus. Both Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments offers insurance and state-of-the-art alarm and security systems plus on-site security guard. So mom can sleep calmly at night that you are doing fine.

For more information about student accommodation in UCLan Preston and Canterbury Hall and Warehouse Apartments, visit: https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-preston/.https://studentfm.co.uk/student-accommodation-in-preston/.

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