Why live close to campus? — It is not just that it is nice to sleep a little longer every morning and have to stress to make the bus for early classes. Living close to campus can save students quite a bit of money on public transport.

You might be able to find a lower rent by looking for UCLan student accommodation further away from campus and the city centre, but the bus fares will likely end up costing you more than you saved in the first place.

And it isn’t just getting to class that will require public transport if you live far from the university, so will social activities. Having to worry about making the last bus home Friday night can easily spoil the fun. Going out and making friends is an important part of student life, and it just isn’t great to feel left out because of where you live. Being able to just head to the student unions on campus or to an event in the city centre can mean the difference between having an ‘okay’ and a great student time.

Student accommodation close to UCLan is especially important for international students. If you come to the UK to study, being able to make friends and find someone to tag along while you get to know your way around is essential. A lot of foreign students report feeling lonely and left out, especially if they live isolated from other students. UCLan overseas student accommodation at either Canterbury Hall or Warehouse Apartments will place you right in the middle of a vibrant student community with around 200 other students. Both complexes arrange activities for you to get to know your new neighbours. The on-site student ambassadors will help you become part of the community and make sure you thrive in your home-away-from-home.

So living close the UCLan is about saving money and building friendships for life!

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