Before you continue reading this article, take a few seconds to think of what you want from your Manchester student accommodation.

Ready? Okay.

If you thought of cheap rent and living costs, living close to The University of Manchester and being near other students, then continue reading — we might just have the perfect recommendation for you!

Modern student accommodation in Manchester

It might sound a bit counterintuitive, but if you want to save money on your monthly living costs, don’t look for the cheapest rent. Why? Because those cheap student rentals exclude necessary costs like utility bills and internet connection to make the price of rent look cheaper than it actually is. Once you sign utility contracts, internet subscription, content insurance policy and then other costs you have to pay, you are in 9 out of 10 cases overpaying for your accommodation. Add to that that you will have to pay extra costs like installation and activation fees when you sign those contracts yourself.

How do you avoid that?

Make sure you count ALL expenses when you compare the price of rent between different accommodation offers. Or better yet make sure those costs are included in your rent to save the activation fees and recalculations completely. Not only can that save you a lot of money over the course of the semester, it will also give you peace of mind that your heating or warm showers bill won’t blow you budget during the colder months.

Where’s the best value student accommodation close to Manchester city centre?

Q3 Apartments in Hyde Grove is located just 10 minutes walk from The University of Manchester. Here you get all-inclusive accommodation starting from just £125 per week. For that price you get all your water, electricity, heating, content insurance, TV license and internet bills covered by one bill every month. The price is you see is the one you get, no hidden costs or extra fees.
If you compare that to most other student accommodation offers in Manchester, you will see that you cannot live that cheaply anywhere else in town. Especially once you count the transport costs of living outside walking distance from campus.
Q3 Apartments offers spacious 14m2-33m2 (often plus balcony), fully furnished with modern 3/4 or double bed, a comfortable study space and plenty of storage space. You get your own ensuite bathroom with option of having your own kitchen equipped with all essential appliances.

How is the price so low?

Q3 Apartments is managed by StudentFM, the UK’s leading provider of modern student accommodation. Because StudentFM manages residences across the country and houses thousands of students, they can negotiate really good deals with utility providers and pass the savings unto the tenants of Q3 Apartments and all the other student communities across the UK.

For more information about Q3 Apartments and the best student apartments in Manchester, visit: Student Accommodation Manchester.

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